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Experienced, Licensed, Locksmiths Specializing In Replacement Car Keys
Toyota / Scion
Lost Keys Remade
Computer Chip Keys Programmed
Replacement Keys
Damaged Keys Remade / Replaced
Transponder Key Programming
Smart Keys Sold & Programmed
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Ignition Lock Repairs
Duplicate or Spare Keys
On Site Key Programming Services
Toyota Keys
We Service All Models of Toyota / Scion Keys and Smart Keys
Broken, Damaged or Lost Keys
If You Have No Working Keys To Your Car We Can Come To Your Location And Generate A New Key And Program A Transponder Key or Computer Chip Key To Get You Going Again, All Done On Site, No Need For Towing. We Also Stock Toyota and Scion Remote Head Keys or Key Fobs And Smart Keys.
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Toyota Keys
Toyota Remote Key
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Toyota Remote Head Keys
Scion Remote Head Keys
Toyota Smart Keys
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ALOA Certified Automotive Locksmith's
ALOA Certified Master Locksmith
Dealer Only Keys ?
If The Dealer Says That They Are The Only One's That Can Program Additional Keys To Your Car, They Are Simply Misinformed.
We Have Programming Equipment For Most Makes & Models On The Road Today. We Program Keys To Cars On A Daily Basis And Specialize In Car Key Programming.
If You Have Lost Keys or Need A Replacement Key Give Us A Call, In Most Cases We Can Save You Money & Time.

Toyota Reflash
Many Early Transponder Systems For Toyota and Lexus Cars Did Not Allow A Way To Program In New Keys Without An Existing Master Key, So If You Lose Your Keys The Dealer Has To Replace The Computer In Your Car To Get New Keys. This System Was Used On Late 90's Into The Early 2000's Model Years, A Few Models Went Into The Mid 2000 Year Models. New Computers Are Not Cheap.
We Can Program Keys Using Your Existing Computer or Engine Immobilizer Without The Need For A New ECU or ICU
This Service Is Generally Called Reflashing, Which Puts The Computer Back To Factory Virgin State And Still Requires Programming or Synching of The Keys to Make Them Operate, We Usually Do Not Reflash, We Use A Safer Method Where We Edit Keys Into The ECU Directly and There Is No Need To Program or Synch The Keys As They Are Already Put Into The Computer.
This Service Is Much Less Than A New Computer and We Come to You and Do It On Site, No Need For Towing.
We Are Experienced Professional Locksmiths Operating In Las Vegas and Most Southern Nevada Areas As Well. Other Las Vegas Locksmiths May Quote You A Low Ball Price Over The Phone Like $19.00 or $39.00 But That Is Not What You Will Pay In The End, It Will End Up Being Much More.
We Are The Locksmiths In Las Vegas That Quote You Honest and Accurate Prices Based On What You Tell Us You Need.
We Don't Offer A Low Ball Price And Then Charge You More
Beware of The Low Service Call Ads and The "And Up" Labor Quotes
Type In "locksmith scam" In Any Search Engine and You Will Get Numerous
Pages of News Stories and Problems With These Phony Locksmith Ads From Las Vegas and Many Other Cities
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