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VW Keys
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VW Keys
Volkswagen Keys
We Make and Program Volkswagen Keys
Broken, Damaged or Lost Keys
If You Have No Working Keys To Your Car We Can Come To Your Location And Generate A New Key And Program A Transponder Key or Computer Chip Key To Get You Going Again, All Done On Site, No Need For Towing. We Also Stock Volkswagen Remote Head Keys.
Currently We Can Program Most VW Models Through 2010, Some Like The CC and Passat Through 2013 Can Be Done. New Software Is Always Being Developed And Software To Program VW Models Thouogh 2013 Is Suppossed To Be Released Very Soon! We Have Several Different Programmers For Volkswagen And Always Obtain The Cutting Edge Software For Key Programming.
VW Changed Their Keys Starting With The Mid 2005 Models And Most Models From 2007 And Up Require Additional Coding To Be Added To The Key In Order To Program, This CS Data or Pre-Coding Requires Additional Equipment To Pre-Code The Key, We Have The Equipment To Do This, Most Other Locksmiths Do Not. If You Need A Key For Your VW Give Us A Call (702)-2635397

We Are Experienced Professional Locksmiths Operating In Las Vegas and Most Southern Nevada Areas As Well. Other Las Vegas Locksmiths May Quote You A Low Ball Price Over The Phone Like $19.00 or $39.00 But That Is Not What You Will Pay In The End, It Will End Up Being Much More.
We Are The Locksmiths In Las Vegas That Quote You Honest and Accurate Prices Based On What You Tell Us You Need.
We Don't Offer A Low Ball Price And Then Charge You More
Beware of The Low Service Call Ads and The "And Up" Labor Quotes
Type In "locksmith scam" In Any Search Engine and You Will Get Numerous
Pages of News Stories and Problems With These Phony Locksmith Ads From Las Vegas and Many Other Cities
VW Keys Are Pretty Durable But With Time They Do Break. We Stock The Parts To Repair Your Key, For Example If Your Key Still Starts The Car But The Remote Buttons Have Stopped Working We Have The Remote Portion In Stock To Make Your Key Fully Functional Again, Saving You Money Over Buying and Programming A Complete New Key or If Your Key Broke Where It Attaches To The Key Case We Have Just The Flip Key Portion To Keep From Having To Replace The Entire Key. If You Want or Need A New Key We Stock Both Remote Head Keys and Valet Style Keys.
VW Remote
Head Keys
VW Remote Head Key
VW Key
Most VW Remote Head Keys
In Stock
Dealer Only Keys ?
If The Dealer Says That They Are The Only One's That Can Program Additional Keys To Your Car, They Are Simply Misinformed.
We Have Programming Equipment For Most Makes & Models On The Road Today. We Program Keys To Cars On A Daily Basis And Specialize In Car Key Programming.
If You Have Lost Keys or Need A Replacement Key Give Us A Call, In Most Cases We Can Save You Money & Time.

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